Polish Woodworker Without The Beard

Updated: Apr 28

I remember when I was a little boy, I used to go to my grandfather's workshop to help him repair furniture for his clients. I watched him use only hand tools, no fancy methods used these days. Once repaired, the chair lasted another 30 years. As a carpenter in the era of communism, where there was nothing in the shops, he had so much work that he stayed in the workshop until late at night. I could watch for hours as he patiently built chests of drawers and bedside tables. I remember coming to the workshop after hours and touching the furniture with my bare hands. the beauty of his furniture and the touch of fresh wood made me shiver on the dust, the smell of wood in the air, the dust on the table made me indescribable, never in my life I felt so well like that day at my grandfather's furniture workshop. Back then I didn't know yet that one day I will become a carpenter like him. times have changed, communism collapsed and after graduating from university, I started working for the government. Seven years have passed, and I didn't feel happy about my profession. One day my friend from Lake Tahoe called and offered me a job. my life has changed. I met the love of my life who is an artist and together we started buying, restoring, and selling old furniture.

In 2011, we decided to open an online DSARTE furniture store and sell furniture on the local marketplace and on the Etsy website. the business grew and we could not keep up with the orders. Painted furniture - we will do, restoration of antique furniture - we will do, custom-built furniture - we will do, furniture repair - we will do. I don't even know when we started flying to Europe and touring antique fairs in England, Denmark, Wales, buying and ship containers full of mid-century furniture to the US. The Reno-Tahoe area was no longer enough for us, and the weather did not spoil us. We decided to sell our house, business and move to California, where in 2017 we opened a mobile furniture repair service under the name NUMBER2PROJECT. So far, I am glad that we have transformed into a mobile service because covid-19 has destroyed many great furniture stores. The lack of furniture on the market and delays in the delivery of furniture from China meant that we started building custom-made furniture, repairing old furniture, and restoring antique furniture in greater quantity. My wife had to learn how to design furniture and I got a contractor license as a cabinetmaker to put on larger orders. I am not a professional blogger, but a woodworker who wants to teach the young generation how to build a furniture company from scratch, what to avoid and how not to make mistakes that cost us time and money. We hope that the knowledge we will give you will allow you to achieve success in today's difficult market and allow you to benefit from the life of a professional carpenter.

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